Petition to rename the high school after Lt. Michael P. Murphy, “USS Michael Murphy” DDG 112,

MOH Lt. Michael Patrick Murphy

Navy SEAL Lt. Michael P. Murphy 5K Benefit Run/Walk~Bethpage NY~9-21-2008

Sunday 9/21/08 9am at Bethpage State Park, Nassau County NY (Long Island) there will be a 5K Benefit Run/Walk in Murph’s Honor and Memory.

Honorary Co-Chairs are Daniel and Maureen Murphy (his parents) and Congressman Peter King.

Cash prizes will be awarded for the top overall finishers in all age categories. Registration is only $20.

New Island Hospital in Bethpage is expanding and will be creating a new NAVY LT. MICHAEL P. MURPHY EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT. All proceeds will be going to purchase new emergency medical equipment and supplies. New Island Hospital’s ED delivers rapid fire life-saving care to nearly 40,000 patients a year. Murph himself always took on the role as protector, as a SEAL, and in earlier days as a dedicated lifeguard, and ALWAYS as a big brother.

Registration forms and information are available at

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Monday, April 14th at 7pm in the Medford Elementary School, the Board of Education heard the petition to rename the Patchogue Medford high school after Lt. Michael P. Murphy.

We are proud of the heroic actions of North Patchogue’s own son who was awarded the Medal of Honor for his unselfish courage in Afghanistan.
Congratulations to all my brothers and sisters of the North Patchogue fire department for speaking up and showing unity in supporting the renaming of the Patchogue-Medford High School in Mike’s honor.
Mike grew up in North Patchogue and graduated from PMHS.
Please watch this video …
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Rank and Organization: Lieutenant, United States Navy
For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty as the leader of a special reconnaissance element with Naval Special Warfare Task Unit Afghanistan on 27 and 28 June 2005. While leading a mission to locate a high-level anti-coalition militia leader, Lieutenant Murphy demonstrated extraordinary heroism in the face of grave danger in the vicinity of Asadabad, Konar Province, Afghanistan. On 28 June 2005, operating in an extremely rugged enemy-controlled area, Lieutenant Murphy’s team was discovered by anti-coalition militia sympathizers, who revealed their position to Taliban fighters. As a result, between 30 and 40 enemy fighters besieged his four-member team. Demonstrating exceptional resolve, Lieutenant Murphy valiantly led his men in engaging the large enemy force. The ensuing fierce firefight resulted in numerous enemy casualties, as well as the wounding of all four members of the team. Ignoring his own wounds and demonstrating exceptional composure, Lieutenant Murphy continued to lead and encourage his men. When the primary communicator fell mortally wounded, Lieutenant Murphy repeatedly attempted to call for assistance for his beleaguered teammates. Realizing the impossibility of communicating in the extreme terrain, and in the face of almost certain death, he fought his way into open terrain to gain a better position to transmit a call. This deliberate, heroic act deprived him of cover, exposing him to direct enemy fire. Finally achieving contact with his Headquarters, Lieutenant Murphy maintained his exposed position while he provided his location and requested immediate support for his team. In his final act of bravery, he continued to engage the enemy until he was mortally wounded, gallantly giving his life for his country and for the cause of freedom. By his selfless leadership, courageous actions, and extraordinary devotion to duty, Lieutenant Murphy reflected great credit upon himself and upheld the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service.”,0,6675676.storygallery

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FDNY Memorial and pictures of Ground Zero for 9/11/01

This link will take the reader to “Ground Zero” photographs:

This link will take the reader to the 2006 report: “Addressing the health impacts of 9/11/01”

Currently showing on P.B.S. stations: “American Experience”–“The Center of the World” is a series of t.v. shows documenting the World Trade Center from vision to reality to it’s attack on 9/11/01.

“The Last Fallen Hero”

Charlie Daniels album:  Freedom and Justice for All

Oh, the cowards came by morning and attacked without a warning
Leaving flames and death and chaos in our streets
In the middle of this fiery hell brave heroes fell

In the skies of Pennsylvania on a plane bound for destruction
With the devil and his angels at the wheel
They never reached their target on the ground
Brave heroes brought it down

This is a righteous cause so without doubt or pause
I will do what my country asks of me
Make any sacrifice
We’ll pay whatever price
So the children of tomorrow can be free
Lead on red, white and blue
And we will follow you until we win the final victory
God help us do our best we will not slack or rest
Till the last fallen hero rests in peace

Now the winds of war are blowing and there’s no way of knowing
Where this bloody path we’re traveling will lead
We must follow till the end
Or face it all again

And make no mistake about it, write it, preach it, talk it, shout it
Across the mountains and the deserts and the seas
The blood of innocence and shame
Will not be shed in vain


God help us do our best we will not slack nor rest
Till the last fallen hero rests in peace