Homeless Veterans


The Department of Veterans Affairs plans to enter into agreements to provide more than 1,000 additional units of permanent and transitional housing for veterans at various sites on VA medical center campuses nationwide.  The planned agreements are part of VA’s enhanced-use lease authority and Building Utilization Review and Re-purposing (BURR) initiative, which aims to identify and re-purpose unused VA land and buildings in support of VA’s goal to end veteran homelessness.


In an ongoing effort to eliminate homelessness among Veterans and   their families, VA is proceeding with agreements with third-party providers to   provide housing at the following locations:

Alexandria,       LA

Augusta, GA

Bath, NY

Battle Creek, MI

Bedford, MA

Brockton, MA

Canandiagua,       NY

Cheyenne,   WY

Chillicothe,       OH

Danville, IL

Dayton, OH

Fort Harrison,       MT

Fort       Howard, MD

Grand Island,       NE

Hines, IL

Kerrville,     TX

Knoxville,       IA

Lincoln,       NE

Lyons,       NJ

Memphis,       TN (I)

Memphis,       TN (II)

Menlo Park,     CA

Minneapolis,       MN

Newington,     CT

Northampton,       MA

Northport,       NY

Perry       Point, MD

Roseburg,       OR

Sacramento, CA

Salem, VA

St. Cloud, MN

Spokane,       WA

Togus,       ME

Topeka, KS

Tuscaloosa,       AL

Vancouver,       WA

Walla       Walla, WA

“It’s OK for a Warrior to seek help”

“New Directions”




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  1. Support the Vets Says:

    If you want to see a great documentary about homeless veterans, check out:


    It focuses on several Iraq vets who end up homeless in NY after returning from the war.

  2. 1 Navy mom Says:

    Thank you–https://olotliny.wordpress.com/ptsd-post-traumatic-stress/ — I had the documentary on the PTSD page of my blog.

    I was very moved when I watched the video–thank you for making and posting it. http://whenicamehome.com/

  3. olotliny Says:


    Homeless man dies after being set ablaze in LA

    By RAQUEL MARIA DILLON – 19 hours ago

    LOS ANGELES (AP) — A homeless man died after being doused with gasoline and set on fire on a street where he had lived for many years and was a familiar face to residents of Koreatown, police and local merchants said Friday.

    Police were called to Third Street west of downtown Thursday evening and found the man, who was pronounced dead at a hospital.

    A man in his 20s was seen throwing gasoline on the man, chasing him, throwing more on him and running from the scene, said Deputy Chief Sergio Diaz. Scorch marks stained a wall Friday where the man was burned.

    The burning horrified even officers who routinely witness violent crimes, Diaz said.

    “To murder somebody who’s probably suffering from mental illness issues and not bothering anyone — just a poor wretch on the street — you’ve got to be a soulless nitwit to do something like this,” he said.

    The victim remained unidentified, and coroner’s investigators might have to rely on fingerprints, Diaz said. Investigators canvassed the neighborhood Friday looking for evidence, witnesses and information about the victim.

    Shopkeepers said the man was a fixture in the dense residential neighborhood at the northern edge of Koreatown, and residents were shocked to hear about his violent death.

    Every day, the man drank a Dr Pepper, ate a bag of chips and smoked cigarettes, said Young Kim, who owns a nearby dry cleaner.

    The homeless man had been in the area for at least 20 years but never bothered anyone or begged for money, Kim said. People gave him food, clothes and spare change.

    “This is a terrible shame. He didn’t deserve this. It’s so cruel,” said Jose Antonio Gonzalez, who owns a vitamin shop near where the man was found.

    Gonzalez said some longtime residents called the man Johnny and believed he had fought in the Vietnam War and had a wealthy family somewhere. Gonzalez didn’t know whether the stories were true.

    “He didn’t seem to have mental problems. He understood and spoke well. I don’t know why he lived on the street,” Kim said.

    A witness, Thomas Lopez, told KCAL-TV he saw a teenager walk by the homeless man and pour something on him. Moments later the man was on fire.

    “To actually see this guy on fire, it was unbelievable. Who would do such a thing?” Lopez said. “I took my shirt off and started putting him out.”

    The man, who paramedics thought was about 50 years old, had burns over 90 percent of his body, Fire Department spokeswoman d’Lisa Davies said.

    Andy Bales, chief executive of the Union Rescue Mission on downtown’s Skid Row, said the incident was “part of a long history of people attacking vulnerable homeless individuals in Los Angeles.”

    “They think the person is less than human because they happen to be homeless. I don’t know how you could do that to another human being,” Bales said.

  4. Anonymous Joe Says:

    When you are homeless in this country, you relinquish your humanity.
    When you have no money, you are no longer human.
    When you have no job, you cannot afford a home where you can be protected from the predators and those who exploit us.
    You are a non person.
    you have NO civil rights and the Bill of Rights no longer applies to you.
    You are reviled.
    Jesus was homeless too.

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