For all the Mother’s-Blue, Silver and Gold., peace, hugs, prayers and thank you.

“Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.”

For yesterday, today, tomorrow and always, thank you.

A veteran is someone who, at one point in his/her life, wrote a blank check made payable to “The United States of America,” for an amount of “up to and including my life.” (Author unknown.) an American on terrorist threats..

“Peace will come when ‘they’ love their children more than they hate us.”  Golda Meir

Praying for peace.

WELCOME HOME and THANK YOU. Vietnam Veterans Day March 30th.

From Ron Fox, friend and Vietnam veteran:  To my brothers and sisters who served with me.  This is very moving and reminds me of how proud I am of all of you that served with me in that far off distant place that lives in our hearts and minds. This film is worth seeing over and over again. This is a video made by and for Michigan Vietnam Veterans, but I believe all of you should appreciate this.

(Above post/link from Blue Star Mom Pat and below link/You tube Video from double Blue Star Mom Patty – Chewy (Biker Dog) and his driver bring such a wonderful tribute as the Patriot Guard Escorted “The Wall That Heals” on March 29, 2011.  Semper Fi.  BRAVO ZULU and Thank you.)

“My boy was much more to me, than a name on a wall”

Combat Faith: ‘using the virtues of faith to silence the demons of war’ B. Clark Jr.


From Allen 2/17/11:

I was interviewed about my war wounding and healing on CBS Channel 11 Dallas-Ft. Worth Feb. 16, 2011.

The Honorable Allen Clark 469-831-0841
Founder, Combat Faith Ministry,

Author, Wounded Soldier, Healing Warrior

To listen to Allen’s interview on 2/16/11, click on this link:



Suffolk County Purple Heart Trail

A long overdue tribute to our Purple Heart recipients. Please enjoy the attached video.

Thomas Ronayne, Director
Suffolk County Veterans Service Agency
H. Lee Dennison Building
100 Veterans Memorial Highway
Hauppauge, NY 11788-0099
631 853 VETS (8387)
631 853 8381
631 853 8390 fax
From: Stanton, Brendan
Sent: Friday, November 12, 2010 2:59 PM
To: Ronayne, Tom
Subject: FW: W/ Video Tribute: Levy Seeks Creation of Suffolk County Purple Heart Trail at County Park–eWo



Steve Levy

NEWS RELEASEClick Here for Veterans Day Video Tribute


Contact: Dan Aug

November 10, 2010
Phone: 631. 853.4018
Cell: 631. 885.0631
Celebrating Veterans Day
Suffolk Executive Levy Announces Creation of ‘Suffolk County Purple Heart Trail’
First Memorial Dedicated to County Purple Heart Recipients to be Set in Accessible Lakeland County Park; Also Files Resolution for ‘Honor and Remember” Flag

Islandia, NY – Suffolk Executive Steve Levy today announced legislation to establish a Suffolk Veterans Purple Heart Trail at Lakeland County Park — the first County memorial dedicated to Suffolk’s Purple Heart recipients.

Levy was joined by Suffolk County Legislator Tom Cilmi, Islandia Village Mayor and Viet Nam veteran Allan Dorman and other veterans – including Purple Heart recipients, family members and Commander of the New York State Department of the Military Order of the Purple Heart — at the handicapped accessible park.

“The men and women who have given their life for our country, those who have served and survived – all those who have worn the uniform honorably in defense of our nation – are remembered here today,” said Levy.  “We extend today a special recognition to those Suffolk residents who have received the military honor of the Purple Heart and will forever remember them through this Purple Heart Trail.”

Conrad Steers, Commander of the New York State Department of the Military Order of the Purple Heart, stated, “In establishing its ‘Purple Heart Trail’ today Suffolk County has taken a great step in honoring those members of the military who have been awarded the Purple Heart Medal for wounds suffered in combat, and for veterans who have made the supreme sacrifice.”

Chartered by Congress in 1958, The Military Order of the Purple Heart is composed of military men and women who received the Purple Heart Medal for wounds suffered in combat. Although our membership is restricted to the combat wounded, the MOPH supports all veterans and their families with a myriad of nation-wide programs by Chapters and National Service Officers.

Legislator Tom Cilmi, within whose district the park sits, said “It is fitting that we honor our Purple Heart recipients on this day preceding Veteran’s Day.  We are free to walk along peaceful trails such as this, and congregate in parks such as this thanks to the service and sacrifice of our Veterans.”

Islandia Village Mayor Allan Dorman added, “As a veteran, it is encouraging to know that Suffolk County continues to go above and beyond the call of duty in honoring those men and women who have gone above and beyond the call of duty.  The Village of Islandia is humbled to serve as the host village to Suffolk’s Veterans Purple Heart Trail and we encourage all residents to visit it.”

Legislator Steve Stern, Chairman of the Legislature’s Veterans Committee, stated, “Our Veterans and their families make enormous sacrifices to protect our freedom and our way of life.  We owe them not only a debt of gratitude, but our full support in every way.  This trail will provide an accessible and beautiful place for those who have served with valor and dedication to enjoy the natural beauty of Suffolk County with their loved ones.”

Honor and Remember Flag
Levy today also announced the introduction of legislation to designate the “Honor and Remember Flag” as the county of Suffolk’s emblem of the service and sacrifice by those in the United States Armed Forces who have given their lives in the line of duty.

According to Honor and Remember Inc., a not-for-profit 501(c) (3) charitable organization, the mission of Honor and Remember is to create, establish and promote a nationally recognized flag that will fly continuously as a visible reminder to all Americans of the lives lost in defense of our national freedoms.

Congress has introduced a bill to endorse the Honor and Remember Flag as a national symbol and the Honor and Remember Flag has also been endorsed by the American Gold Star Mothers, Inc., the Veterans of Foreign Wars, the Fleet Reserve Association, the Military Officers Association of America, the Air Force Security Forces Association and the Naval Reserve Association. The flag has been officially adopted by the cities of Chesapeake, Norfolk and Virginia Beach, Virginia. The Pennsylvania state legislature is currently considering adopting the flag.

Suffolk County is home to the largest veteran population in New York State, outside of New York City.  Lakeland County Park was chosen to host the first Suffolk County Veterans Purple Heart Trail because of its handicap accessibility which allows all of Suffolk’s veterans the greatest accessibility in visiting.

Click Here for Veterans Day Video Tribute:–eWo

TO HONOR AND REMEMBER: Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy joins with purple heart recipients and gold star family members in announcing legislation to name the greenbelt trail at Lakeland County Park the “Suffolk County Purple Heart Trail,” and adopt the “Honor and Remember” flag as the county emblem of the service and sacrifice by those in the United States Armed Forces who have given their lives in the line of duty. Pictured (l-r) Tim Shearer, Mayor Allan Dorman, Suffolk Legislator Tom Cilmi, NYS Military Order of the Purple Heart Commander Conrad Steers, Dawn Esposito, Theirey Wilwerth, Suffolk Executive Steve Levy, Veterans Services Director Tom Ronayne, Michelle McNaughton, Ron Romaszka, Joann Lyles, and Elaine Wilwerth.

Mark L. Smith, Deputy Director of Communications
Office of Suffolk County Executive
PH: 631-853-8342/ CELL: 631-445-7169

Gold Star Mother’s Sunday

The Prayer of a Gold Star Mother

I know dear sons and daughters

I know just where you are.
I feel your arms around me
I know you’re never far.
And though my heart is heavy
and I wonder how to go on,
I feel your arms around me
and I know that you’re not far.
So I will stand tall and proudly for everyone to see
How very proud I am of you…….and pray you’ll be proud of me.
Nov. 11, 2008 Veterans’ Day
Warmest regards,
Kathryn T. Cross Mother of Tyler J. Connely US Navy SEAL KOD January 15, 2002 in Keflavik, Iceland

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P.O.W. M.I.A.

(from Blue Star Moms:)  The third Friday of the month of September is set aside each year to pay honor and respect to those of our country’s military that have been or are prisoners of war or missing in action.   POW/MIA Recognition Day is an excellent time to also concentrate our prayers on the lives of these courageous service personnel and the families left behind who wait for them.

Lives are unimaginably changed when a loved one is held captive or is reported as missing.  Hearts and lives are comforted when they know people care and are praying for them.   Those held captive too ~ what more would they endure if they thought we didn’t remember them?

Gratefully, the Prisoner of War/Missing in Action Corridor at the Pentagon was opened on September 15 of this year, presenting to the public many of the pieces that tell the story of these families and warriors.  Families of MIA and former POW themselves have given personal items and input for the development of this.

This year, will you pray with me for these families and all the others who have endured so much for our freedoms?   The date for the 2010 POW/MIA Recognition Day is Friday, September 17th.  Sadly, there have been well over 88,000 missing Americans since WW II.

Rev. Lin McGee
National Chaplain
Blue Star Mothers of America

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“I fought for you”