Contact Congress about them using our military as pawns and fodder

Above link will connect reader with their Senators and Congressmen/women.  Our servicemen/women have been fighting for near a decade…and now on three war fronts, many are engaged in humanitarian missions throughout the world and were the first to Japan..and still there.

Please contact your ‘representative’ and remind them that our servicemen/women put everything on the line to protect and defend our country, and they should not have to worry/concern themselves with the insecurity of will they or will they not be paid.  With illegal immigration, our current economy and difficult job market/high unemployment,  our returning Veterans are looking at added challenges to their transitions back.

—–update 5/2/11— Thank you Congressman Tim Bishop for the reply/response/letter.

May 2, 2011

Dear  (my name),

I share your concern for the wellbeing of our service members and their families.  I am pleased that legislation to fund the governmentthrough September 30th has been passed, guaranteeing that pay for members of the military will not beinterrupted.

A delay in pay for our men andwomen in uniform would be the most unfortunate effect of a government shutdown, as it would add anotherburden to families who have already sacrificed so much.  You may be interested to know before the budgetagreement was reached, I pledged to donate my daily salary for each day the government was shut down to charities that serve those in need, including the Friends of the Fighting 69th, which supports theFamily Readiness Unit of the historic, Long Island-based Army Infantry Battalion.

Thank you again for sharing your views. I encourage you to visit my website at for more information andto find out about other important issues that I am working on in Congress. Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of further assistance.


Tim Bishop
Member of Congress

update 7/27/11: