“Before They Go”

Here is a link to a short movie/tribute describing the mission of “BTG” – “Before they Go”.  It is from BTG Vietnam Veterans to American baseball attendees giving them an opportunity to publicly recognize and thank Vietnam Veterans for their dedication, service and sacrifice.  It can’t undo the past–but hopefully-effect positive change today and future-with recognition and reflection and action.

I had a couple of thoughts in my heart and mind while watching this–in that many Vietnam Veterans as well as some Korean Veteran’s like my brother in law Jim 🙂 -are alive and well-and many are actively involved today in supporting today’s armed services — and sadly–many have passed and are passing–like Bill (who recently passed on) who battled Parkinson’s for a decade with his faithful, dedicated family right at his side.  When I went to his wake–the room was packed (found out more than 600+ people came:).. room was filled with Vietnam Veterans…still at his and his family’s side–family—what a powerful testimony of commitment, loyalty, support, and love–near knocked my socks off–had that lump in my throat/tears in my eyes..as do now.  I just found out-that Bill’s family paid for his care annually– because Bill –a Vietnam Veteran-who had been exposed to Agent Orange had been denied services!!! Bill was blessed by his loyal and loving family-who never left his side and by fellow Vietnam Veterans-loyal throughout all the years….hard to put into words–profound.  Yet sadly, not all Vietnam Veteran’s have such love and support.  One can’t change the past–but rather effect change today, tomorrow and into the future.

To all who serve and have served:  Thank you.


Please watch to the end … a wonderful tribute to our Vietnam veterans.
Let’s all take a veteran to the special ball game in our favorite stadium!
And to you who served in Vietnam, Thank You and Welcome Home.

YouTube – Before They Go

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