Well worth a stamp

Dear Friends,

I would imagine most have heard/read/watched  U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer show her contempt/disrespect of Brigadier General Michael Walsh-with his addressing her as:  “ma’am”.  …….  yet another day/incident of the disconnect-disrespect-clueless-vindictive-spiteful-contempt….treatment/slight of politicians directed toward military…

As a mom of a service man..with another son just about to enlist…and as an American citizen who understands that as a representative democracy–this Senator is supposed to be an extension/representative of me/us as American citizens…  I can just “eat it”/do nothing/shake my head in disgust at the chronic/entrenched mistreatment/disrespect of our servicemen/women — or— I can spend a minute— inform and remind the Senator– that I (as a US citizen)  find her behavior unprofessional and unbecoming a representative of the citizentry of America.

Black Five has an article on their blog-from a retired army officer-that explains the protocol of titles… (link at the bottom of my rant =)
Their article includes information from a Gold Star dad (Gold star–is given when a son/daughter dies in the line of duty..) who has an address to the Senator to connect her back with “We the People”…..

Eleanor Roosevelt said:  “Justice cannot be for one side alone, but must be for both.”

I’m sending mine-as I conclude this letter to you. Thank you.

Proud Navy Mom/grateful American Citizen

Here is her address/contact:

United State Senator Barbara Boxer
112 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510
(202) 224-3553
(202) 224-0454 fax

Some links:


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