“Fighting for Life”


“Fighting for Life is a powerful, sobering and emotional feature documentary portrait of American military medicine interweaving three stories:

  • Military doctors, nurses and medics, working with skill, compassion and dedication amidst the vortex of the Iraq War.
  • Wounded soldiers and marines reacting with courage, dignity and determination to survive and to heal.
  • Students at USU, the “West Point” of military medicine, on their journey toward becoming career military physicians.
The film follows 21 year-old Army Specialist Crystal Davis, from Iraq to Germany to Walter Reed Hospital in Washington DC, as she fights to recover and “bounce back” from the loss of a leg.The filmmakers had extraordinary access to combat support hospitals in Iraq, medevac flights with wounded soldiers, and military hospitals in Germany and the United States.”
“Fighting For Life” movie theater openings:

New York City, Quad Theater March 7
Washington, DC, E Street Theater
March 14
Bethesda, Bethesda Row
March 14
Los Angeles, Laemmle Monica
March 21
San Diego, Hillcrest Theater
March 28
The Combat Medic Prayer

Oh, Lord I ask for your divine
strength to meet the demands of
my profession. Help me to be the
finest medic, both technically and
tactically.If I am called to the
battlefield, give me the courage to
conserve our fighting forces by
providing medical care to all who
are in need.

If I am called to a
mission of peace, give me the
strength to lead by caring for
those who need my assistance.
Finally, Lord help me to take care
of my own spiritual, physical, and
emotional needs.

Teach me to trust in your
presence and never-failing love.

Navy Corpsman


Mac McGovern, HMC, USN (Retired)

In the Navy,

there is a most elite team,

one that has a unique history,

of sacrifice and service unequaled,

a proud tradition past to present,

of unsurpassed commitment to humanity,

their heritage,

every battlefield upon which they serve,

respect and trust,

justly deserved,

always the first wave,

going ashore,

warriors they may be,

but of a different breed,

their emblem the Caduceus,

symbolic, comforting,

their training,

relief of pain and suffering,

every life saved,

their victory

Their record at war,

the most decorated Corps,

for heroism above and beyond,

it wasn’t glory that drove them on,

it was the Oath, the one,

all of medicine is based upon,

the job of the Corpsman,

whether a fleet sailor,

or Marine on the scene,

their unspoken creed,

what they practice,

in every way,

let no man die on my watch today

Day or night, rain or shine,

dead tired or asleep in bed,

whenever, wherever the need,

injured, or just needing,

a friend to confide,

the Navy Corpsman,

will always be there,



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