” Are one tiny piece to one GIANT puzzle”

Hi All,

I wanted to share with you something that my friends nephew, Capt. D. G. wrote regarding the war in Iraq. A truthful 1st hand account of the situation,

(Thanking the military store in Naples, FL for sending him 3 “care
packages”) If we’d hear and see this in the media, we might have more supporters!

@us.army.mil> 10/10/2007 3:45 PM >>>

Mom, could you please pass this on to Mr. Cody Anderson.


On behalf of, 7th Brigade, 2nd Division Iraqi National Police
Transition Team, and I would like to personally thank you for your efforts in
receiving donations on our behalf. It means so much that you, as one individual,
thought so highly of our morale and welfare to do such a kind deed for
us who are one tiny piece to one GIANT puzzle; moreover to receive so
much support from so many different people – especially where support in the
Iraq war has been fading drastically.

I received 3 boxes of items that more than covered both for my team of
13 guys and then some. I left the items out for everyone to grab as needed
and they were well gone by day 3 of being out. I even received letters
from several young children in which made me get a little choked up inside.
I’m not a man who expresses many emotions, but that was absolutely
exhilarating to see, especially being a dad of young children myself and hoping
that they, too, will do the same for a fellow classmate’s parent who is
serving overseas.

Mr. Anderson, I read your articles on everything you’ve done in support
of the war, and more importantly, in support of the troops. It would mean
wonders to us if you could publicize the great efforts of my team and
several others the unique, but vastly important to the strategic goal
here in Iraq. We eat, sleep, and work everyday with the Iraqi National
Police as we work as advisors so that they can one day stay on their own two
feet isolated from US involvement and we would, as a result, be able to
withdraw from Iraq. Despite, what you may hear on the news – I will tell you
from my perspective that things are looking up. I will tell you that when I was
here less than two years ago the Iraqi National Police had little to no
uniforms, could not run independent operations, and had no strong leaders to
take charge. Now – they have the ability to do all three. Albeit, they need
quite a bit of fine tuning, but they are light years ahead of where they were
in 2005. All over the media you hear about the death toll, and what Iran
is doing to influence the war, and how Congress is charging the president
for withdrawal of US forces from Iraq, but who is hear to report on the
hospitals being built, the schools being built, the water treatment
plants being reconstructed, or even the fact that citizens of Iraq are
finally stepping up to assist in fighting off Al Qaeda fighters and Jaysh al
Mahdi extremists because they are tired of living their lives in oppression
and tyranny as they have been for centuries? I will also tell you that I’m
tired of being here. Next August I will have spent 27 of 43 months away from
my family where I could be watching my girls grow up, but instead I, and
many others are helping to make history. But I’m here because my country
needs me and the thousands of other brave men and women putting their life on the line each day; and if we pull out now – it will be the greatest
mistake America will ever have made. Mark my words.

All I’m asking Mr. Anderson that you help spread the word like you have
been doing ever so selflessly for quite some time and give a point of view
from the inside out – instead of the outside in.

Thank you again Mr. Anderson and Godspeed!

Very Respectfully,

CPT D. M. G.
7th BDE, 2d DIV INP
S2 Advisor
Baghdad, Iraq


Wow Cheryl- that is a powerful letter–thank you for sharing that. Sincerest BZ and thanks to your friend’s nephew service and commitment and Mr. Anderson’s physical support to them. Would it be alright if we/I shared that letter with other friends? and other people who send out support to encourage them to ‘not give up the ship’?
Many thanks,

Hi Missy,

Absolutely send it on. I made sure that I asked before I posted. His aunt said absolutely! He would love for everyone to see the good side of what is happening instead of the negative that so many times is shown.



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