OPERATION SHOEBOX-Stockings for all deployed service members

Kathy’s 100 stockingsFrom Operation Shoebox ( www.operationshoebox.com ):

Each Christmas our volunteers sew Christmas stockings for the troops to try and brighten their holidays. We also send any kind of Christmas decorations that we get to try and help them lift their spirits. This year we are asking for people to help sew stockings made from materials of your choice as long as its a Christmas type fabric. We encourage you to include your name and address and a card if you want to so that the troops know who made their stockings. Once you are done and it can be any amount you want to do, we are appreciative of anything we can get, then you can send them to us here at Operation Shoebox and we will stuff them with goodies and send them over. The troops will know that you made that stocking just for them and it really makes them happy.

Our volunteers purchase material at Walmart because they are the cheapest we have been able to find. They have Fabric at $2 a yard and we have a pattern that will yield 6 stockings per yard. We can mail you a pattern if you would like. You can send your address to us at this email address – HOMEOSB@aol.com -and we will get the pattern in the mail to you.

We ask that you try and have all the stockings to us by the end of October beginning of November.

Since we have to have them stuffed and out by the first week of December. If you decide to make stockings for us, you can mail them to us at:

Operation Shoebox
PO Box 1465
Belleview, FL 34421-1465

You can also write letters, and we will send them over as well. If you have any questions, please let us know and we thank you so much for your interest in supporting our troops! This is a hard time of year for them to be away from their families and we can make a difference for them!

Thank you!

Operation Shoebox

(From a Navy mom/sister:)–Operation Shoebox wants to send a stuffed stocking to every deployed service member in Iraq and Afghanistan.)

(Big thanks to all those who are sewing and sending:)

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