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Wife of fallen soldier speaks out

Mike Warner
12 News
Sept. 18, 2007 04:35 PM

video Major Troy Gilbert’s wife speaks out


In November of 2006, Major Troy Gilbert was killed when the F-16 he was piloting crashed while supporting ground forces in Iraq. Gilbert was assigned to the 309th Fighter Squadron at Luke Air Force Base. In the last week, an al Qaeda-led group released a video which they claim is the body of Gilbert, along with anti war propaganda.

In the video, terrorists rail against George Bush and American policies, and shows images of what appears to be a body in a U.S. soldier uniform, along with an ID card with Gilbert’s name and photo. The group claims to have shot down Gilbert’s aircraft, but the cause of the crash remains unknown.

After receiving numerous requests for comment, Ginger Gilbert, Major Gilbert’s wife, made a statement to the press regarding the video. Gilbert says that “when the media chooses to use video of Troy’s plane crash as a catalyst to generate anti-war sentiment, it only serves to degrade the moral integrity my husband possessed and degrades the morale of those serving in Iraq.”

Gilbert says she has not and will not watch the video and asks the media not to “feed into the hate inspired or politically driven motives of terrorists.” She also asks that the media “focus on positive steps and selfless sacrifices made in our great nation.”

To view Ginger Gilbert’s statement in it’s entirety, click on the above green link.
I saw/read this first from: http://www.blackfive.net/

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