9/11 Tribute commercial aired only once

A beer commercial that made me cry!:)–Thanks Lois, Pat and Bud. We had the remnant of a hurricane go through Long Island that enveloped the island in a dark and gloomy gray airless day that cried heavy tears with wind that blew through the trees and our hearts. We will never forget. (Missy)

It’s ironic that we haven’t had rain in such a long time and today is dreary with tears falling from the sky. I too, along with everyone else, will never forget that day. It’s sad to look back and see what a carefree, wonderful life we all lead. Never looking over our shoulders. Free to travel anywhere without the hassle of pat downs, shoe inspections, baggage opened for all to see, “fear”. How our world can literally change overnight is still beyond my comprehension. Our brave children stepping up to the plate to protect us. Never in my wildest dreams did I think my son would be in such a foreign land, so far from me, laying his life on the line. Never did I think I couldn’t protect “him” anymore with a simple kiss the boo-boo and make it all better except with, thank God, prayer. Now my prayer everyday is that our kids come home safe and “now”. Now I’ll go light my candles and let them glow in my windows until 12 tonight and pray for all those who lost their lives. I dread this day every year. (Pat)


One Response to “9/11 Tribute commercial aired only once”

  1. olotliny Says:

    The commercial was shown only once as to be a tribute from the company and not a solicitation to purchase product.

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