Toilet paper and baggies

Today I sent out a box with toilet paper, plastic baggies (for guess what), wipes, snacks and ice tea mixes to a bunch of service men serving in Iraq-living without any electricity or running water. Imagine their daily existence in 100+ degree heat and working 15+hours a day serving and defending our country – the last section of that sentence says it all.

I’m not posting this to be crude or to say yahoo for me–just to say that there is a need for these things and that immediate tangible support-no matter how humble is so very important to the well fare of our men and women who are serving in a most difficult place and time.

Today I started reading Independent Patriots for America:

a blogg off of the Eagles Up site. Harry Riley, COL, USA, Ret-has written articles about the importance of not being a passive patriot.

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