“It’s their only link to back home. Nothing sent is ever wasted.”

Greetings Family and Friends, James made it home for leave. It came as a big surprise. He was a welcomed sight. He’s fit and lean. Talking with him, he sounded up beat about what they have been doing over there in Afghanistan. He doesn’t take the seriousness of their situation lightly. Under the circumstances, he seems to be in a very good frame of mind. Needless to say, he is really glad to be back home and in America. He wanted me to make sure I passed along to everyone how much your letters, cards and Care packages have meant to him and his fellow soldiers. It’s their only link to back home. Nothing sent is ever wasted. The fans and cool ties were a special hit in helping them cope with the heat. The munches and other goodies were a welcomed break from MRE’s and programmed mess hall chow. Your personal prayers and notes were very uplifting and very much appreciated. James will have to return to finish out his tour. The whole situation there is very fluid and subject to change. The Taliban now, is much stronger and aggressive than they were during James 2005 tour. For now, James is home and unwinding with family and friends. On behalf of James and our family, I wish to thank you all, so very much, for your prayers and support. I wish you all a happy and healthy day.


Bob & Family

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