An attack on our first ammendment rights via Britain….

This post is not to sell/promote a book (although-it is most worthy of reading)–it is to share with the reader an event that has transpired in which a Saudi national Khalid bin Mafouz has sued an American writer Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld, Ph.D. in Britain (a place where neither of these people live) for libel over the content in her book: How Terrorism is Finance-and How to Stop It. ISBN: 1-56625-231-8 (published in America) —– Ponder that (!)

Below is a link to the book itself (forward, and misc. chapters and the epilogue for review),M1

To quote the forward of the book (page ix) “In short we need a strategy for this long war that not only cuts off terrorist funding but also dries up it’s sources by convincing the good people of the Arab world, indeed the whole Muslim world, that this is not a clash of civilizations but a war of freedom against tyranny.”

The following are some links to articles:

Below a link to a 7 page report (bottom of pg. 4/top of 5 site Saudi Arabia and financial jihad from the Intelligence & Terrorism Information Center:

“To combat Islamic terror effectively requires international cooperation in both the political and intelligence arenas. Intelligence services should devote more attention and resources to uncovering how the terrorist organizations avoid the international control mechanisms by operating through “innocent” front organizations. Defeating terror is possible once the financial resources that nourish jihad are eliminated.”

The more I look for answers to questions….the more questions I seem to find:

and so many, many more….


One Response to “An attack on our first ammendment rights via Britain….”

  1. olotliny Says:

    Wall Street Journal article: “Kernel of Evil”
    Asks the question of why is America selling weapons to the Saudi’s -“false friends”?? A very brief glimpse into the past/current level of interaction between the Saudi’s and America. 45% of suicide bombers in Iraq are from Saudi Arabia…. The article suggests that Iraq’s military needs have been neglected. (It does not mention the $19.2 billion dollars of “lost” equipment in Iraq.)

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