Send an email to the Marines and let them know, you care

You can use the above link to send an email to the Marines who are deployed over seas. The Marines are feeling a definite lack of support. Please send your positive, supportive, patriotic thoughts to them, the Public affairs office will print them out & deliver to the Marines.

Please send this email address to all you know and let us be faithful in our support of them as they are always faithful in support of each other and in service and dedication to our country.

(above is link to Black Five and their interview/request for support for the Marines who are deployed)

It is hotter then heck in the sandbox-check out the temperatures and imagine working and carrying all that gear while on look out 24/7, don’t forget those who are in Afghanistan too. is a site off of “America Supports You”– if you would like to adopt and mail out care-packages and letters directly. You can request any branch.

****It is so important to let our men and women know that we support them and their dedication of time and service to our country. Remember them today. Remember them tomorrow, next month, next year… and remember our Veterans — it is because of their dedication and sacrifice that we live in a land of freedom and peace, even in the midst of strife.****


Updated information from the Marines:

“Let me just say one thing about the e-mails. The response on that was tremendous. It was — it literally — it overwhelmed our systems over here. Within about — I think it was two weeks, we had like 30,000 e-mails that came to us in support, and I would just like to say, we actually had to stop them because they were overwhelming our system, and we had to put them on a — you know, refer them to our webpage.

If you can, I would appreciate you doing anything to thank the people for all their support that they gave us. The Marines over here really do appreciate that; that’s something sometimes that gets lost. They — as I said, they watch the news over here, and a lot of times they seem to think that, you know, the people in the United States are not supporting what we’re doing over here. Nothing, you know, based on the amount of replies we got back, could be further from the truth. It was obviously an overwhelming response, and I just thank you, because it came from your guys’ follow-up on me asking that.”



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  1. olotliny Says:

    6/20/07–update from Black Five: 1,700 emails received–thanks to all who sent a good word.

  2. olotliny Says:

    6/23/07 Direct from Black Five-update: “Sgt. Deboard writes this morning to tell us that we’re at 4,970 emails. The sudden jump — two days ago we were at 1,700 and slowing — has gotten him wondering just how many emails will really come in.

    The Marines he’s been passing them out to are very pleased. They may not have time to write back, of course, but he wanted you to know it’s making a difference to them.”

  3. olotliny Says:
    This link is to the Marines web site. Black five posted that they got 6,000 emails!:)))
    Semper Fi:)

  4. olotliny Says:

    BRAVO ZULU!:))))

  5. olotliny Says:
    Black Five reports the Marines have received 10,000 emails and counting as of 7/1/07 🙂 OOOOOOOOOOORAAAAAAH!!!

  6. olotliny Says:

    The Marines have received so many emails (Good Job!:) that they are going to shut down the email address due to the heavy load on the computers:) I think Sunday 7/15/07
    –but— has addresses you can mail support to directly…. again support can be prayers to a card/letter to fly strips, bug spray-sunscreen, a bag of chips…
    –and, keep up the support when they come home.

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