June 16th – a Very busy Saturday

Comrades & Sisters:

On Saturday, June 16, 2007 at 11 AM there will be a support the troops rally in Hauppauge at the veterans memorial at the Dennison building, lets have a huge turn out to show our support for our troops that are in harms way around the world. We the veterans community know of the hardship these heroes go through and what their families experience while they are serving through our own lives, we cannot abandon them we owe it to them for the right to proudly say I’m an American.

Also on the same day is the testimonial dinner for the outgoing Suffolk County Commander Ray Hansen, it is at the Rocky Point Post at 6 PM if you have purchased a ticket we will see you there.

In a previous E-mail I let you know of the Wounded Worrier ride from the White House to the Light House (THE WOUNDED WARRIORS WILL BE GOING THROUGH EAST END OF LONG ISLAND – ORIENT POINT, SHELTER ISLAND TO MONTAUK POINT LIGHT HOUSE before 4 p.m.) so it will be another full day for we veterans and family members, but it is worth it, we must keep visible and let the non veteran community know we are here. Yours in Comradeship
Dick Woltman
Sr. Vice Commander
Veterans of Foreign Wars
Suffolk County Council


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  1. olotliny Says:

    Operation Love Our Troops will be attending the Wounded Warrior Soldier Ride in Montauk Point on Saturday 6/16/07.

    I went out there today. Just a reminder– sometimes:) there is traffic–so plan your trip that you can be there before 4 p.m.

    Bring your American flags, sunscreen, water and let’s all cheer on these amazing resilent American Heroes.

    Saturday is the end of a week long marathon that started today in Washington D.C. The logistics and route is awe inspiring.


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