We love you kiddo!:)

hey will you send thank you messages to all the people who sent me stuff, I have no clue what I’m going to do with it all, i don’t even have words to describe how good it feels to the people showing me and my battle buddies the gratitude and kindness people show by sending us this stuff, its freaking awesome and my day got a whole lot better when I opened them up.


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  1. Kathy Says:

    Hi There!!!

    Well how sweet of you to write us!!!:) It is with love and deep respect and joy that OPERATION LOVE OUR TROOPS members send goodies to the Troops each month!

    Glad it made you happy…Glad it made your day…By the way…YOU ALL make “our” days so safe and secure!!! My grandkids play at the oceans edge and I watch the horizon thinking how wonderful it is to be an American and “FREE”… THANKS to our Heros… the Military of these United States!

    We are forever indebted to our Heros the TROOPS in the Middle East right now…And ……of course all the American Military no matter where they are stationed right now, be it stateside OR overseas!!!
    AND… certainly to our wonderful VETERANS!!!!!
    You are there for us …You do not question, you follow orders and risk it all!!

    Everyone at Operation Love Our Troops wishes we could do more for all of you…

    No “one” can do “everything”…BUT Every “one” can do “something”… We love you all! Be careful! Be Safe! Hope you will ALL be Home Soon!!!!!

    With much Love and many Prayers
    Grandma Kathy

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