“My Angel DAWN”

“My Angel DAWN”

When my son Paul, who is a Marine, was in Iraq I prayed every night for him. I also prayed to my daughter that I carried for 9 months only to lose her after a few hours of birth on December 19, 1973. My loss of her is something I have never gotten over. I never had the chance to see her because they kept me sedated until she was gone. But I do know that she was and is beautiful. I have a daughter Denise, who was born first in 1970, Dawn in 1973, Paul in 1975 and Laurie in 1976.

One night during my prayers I felt anger at everyone because my son was in harm’s way and I couldn’t do anything about it. I angrily said to Dawn “Are you listening to my talks with you? At least give me some kind of sign that you hear me every night praying that you stay with your brother and keep your arms wrapped tightly around him to protect him from harm”.

The next day as I sat at work on the computer in my office a young woman peeked in the door and motioned for me to come out into the hall. She said she was new and working in an office at the other end of the building. She held out a small box to me and said that she had heard that my son was in Iraq. I opened the box and there was a Marine pin. She went on to tell me that it was her father’s pin, his name was Glensis and that he was killed in Vietnam. She never got to meet him. I started to cry and tell her that I really was touched, but that I couldn’t take something so special to her and wear it, when she didn’t even know me. She told me that as long as I wore the pin, Paul would be safe because her father would be watching over him. I started crying and thanked her while I proudly put on the pin. She told me to return it to her only when Paul came home. Later that afternoon it occurred to me that I didn’t even know her name. I went down to her office and apologized, saying that I was so overwhelmed by her gift that I didn’t get her name. She said “My name is DAWN”. I stood there stunned, bursting into tears. I told her about my baby and she started to cry.

About 2 months later, I was wearing the pin every day, I went to visit Dawn and she wasn’t at her desk. I was told that she “just left” without a word. I panicked because I had her father’s pin. A few days later I heard her voice in the hallway. I ran out and there she was. I took the pin off and handed it to her. She still insisted that I wear it. A feeling of calmness came over me and I explained to her that I no longer needed it. Paul was okay. Little did I know that he was in the air on his way home.

I have never seen or heard from Dawn again, but I KNOW that she was sent to me from my little precious angel Dawn.

I am never alone or will I ever be. My little girl is always with me, my children and my grandchildren watching over us every minute of the day and nobody can ever convince me any different. Angels DO exist.


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  1. olotliny Says:

    Thank you Pat for sharing your story of hope and faith. I believe.

  2. Oldtimer Says:

    When my father died I was with him giving CPR. I had found him in his chair, still warm. The parametics could not save him.

    Later that night, I had what I would call a vision of him being lifted by an angel. As he rose out of his mouth, almost like smoke at first, an angel was carrying him from behind and they were looking toward heaven with happy smiles, going though where the roof was supposed to be, but it was gone.

    Then a voice said: “Do not be concerned. Heaven, like God, is timeless. You and your ancestors and all your decendants are already there to greet him.”

    Dawn is always watching, and so are you. Take care of yourself on earth, you never know who might be an angel.


  3. Oldtimer Says:

    Come visit my post at http://oldtimer.wordpress.com/tag/homeless-vets/

    This a tag for the more than 20 articles I have written in support of our homeless veterans.


  4. olotliny Says:

    Thanks Oldtimer- you are our first link/bloggroll. Thank you for being a light and a voice.

  5. Oldtimer Says:

    Thank you in return. Your site is such a wonderful blessing for the men and women of our Armed Forces. Your prayers are heard, as are all prayers – God has good ears.

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