“36 years of Military Service”

Sorry for not writing sooner, but I have been pretty busy. I received your card and wanted to thank all of you. Yes, I was interviewed at our Camp here in Kuwait, but I did not think it would make the News. I do hope to contact you all and thank you all in Person for all the support you have given me. This will have been my 9th campaign I have been in: 4 Tours of duty in Vietnam, 1 tour in Desert Storm and 4 tours in OEF/OIF. I am about ready to retire. After my graduation of the Academy, I will be obligated to the Army for 2 more years, and then Retirement. That will give me about 36 years of Military Service. When I return, if there is anything I can do for the organization, please do not hesitate to ask me.

Again, I Thank You all.

Respectfully, MSG J. Posner


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  1. D Says:

    There’s a book project going on at http://www.literaryprojects.com, looking for letters and such in support of troops. I wonder if this would be appropriate.

    Keep on bloggin’!

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