“Remember Me”


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  1. Oldtimer Says:

    Hi! I really enjoyed the video. Very moving.

    I support our troops. I also support our homeless veterans. I did a quick search of your site and only found one reference to the homeless veterans – the Stand Down article.

    There are more than 200,000 homeless veterans (mostly Vietnam) sleeping in shelters or in the streets every night of the year. According to the VA, the number is as many as 400,000 at some time or another in any given year.

    I can tell you that our veterans make up 8.9% of our population, but 30 to 40% of our homeless. Our returning heroes from the Gulf and Iraq wars are going homeless at an alarming rate.

    Lets support our troops, our Heroes, when they are back home too. So many suffer from stress disorders and disabilities that they cannot hold jobs, can’t hold families together and can’t keep a home. The VA provides less than 8000 beds for the hundreds of thousands of homeless veterans out there. What we need is compassion for these men and women too, not that I’m saying you don’t, all I’m doing is trying to make more of us aware that there are Heroes sleeping in our alleys too.

    Thank you for what you are doing. Is there a little more room for the homeless vets too?


  2. olotliny Says:

    Well said and thank you sir.

    Post Traumatic Stress is real and needs to be treated – before – during – and after with long term follow ups with well trained people in a comprehensive approach for all those who are serving and have served in military conflicts and their families need support, and education too.

    As we support our troops today with our respect, prayers, love and connections to home we can not forget all those who have served – our Veterans. We need to teach our children, we need to hold those in government accountable and we need to reach out to those in our own communities.

    The Veterans of Foreign Wars, American Legion and Disabled American Veterans have been active in supporting our Veterans and those who are currently serving in our communities and in our government.

    The issues are very complex, deep and dynamic and real and they are every day – not just once a year.

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