Teach Future Generations

A Navy Mom friend Babs just sent me a request to:

Pass The Emergency DoD Supplemental Funding Bill
The emergency Department of Defense (DoD) supplemental funding measure – HR 1591 – will be acted upon in the coming days. In both the House and the Senate, slim majorities passed supplemental appropriation bills that set deadlines for withdrawal from Iraq and provide billions of dollars for pork barrel projects. When it comes to funding our troops, we have no time to waste. The clock is literally ticking for our troops in the field.



With the recent news of troops tours of duty being extended from 12 to 15 months (consider if you didn’t see your wife/mom/sister, husband/dad/son for a year and a half- while every day the country they are in-trying to help some like you- and some consider you an enemy) — our troops – our American Military Family who are there no matter what the papers say, while politicians take vacations, spring breaks (!)-How about they get a spring break–I just don’t understand how they can do that?? will toss around the possibilities of cutting funds and state a date of withdraw (we all look forward to having them home safe again) But, consider what that means in practical terms for those who are there right now or being sent back there again (and again and again)

-do they repair or replace damaged equipment? — Grass roots got the Kevlar helmets going… Eyes opened to Walter Reed….

-Do they extend your extended time longer-because your replacements are not being trained or ready??

-do they not send medical supplies??

-do they not send necessary equipment for defense??

-do they pull back on the armor for uniforms and transportation equipment?

-do they pull back sending support from home?

-do they pull back air support?

-do they pull back supporting personnel??

Do those who are actively trying to kill you just ride out the clock and wait for you to leave…

Cutting the funds for those who are there is wrong—prioritize—cut back on stuff that doesn’t involve safety and people’s lives first. Cut funds from other countries first before you compromise those who serve, protect and defend our country.

If this was a soccer game and your kids were on the field– they are out there with your support. They practice, train and warm-up and cool down before and after a game. They are out there in uniforms they wear with pride. They have water and cold oranges to refresh them. They have their shin guards, mouth guards, cups, and cleats on. The grass field gets mowed. The nets get replaced. The field gets new paint. They play in the rain and the hot sun. They give it 100% and you give them your 100%-go team go! If the other team kicks their butts for a while-you change your strategies, players and go for it again and you play to win.

None of this is a game though…peoples’ lives and safety are on the line.

I saw this when reading from the legislation page from the American Legion:

Honoring the heroic service and sacrifice of the 6,500 glider pilots of the United States Army Air Forces during World War II.

Whereas many glider pilots sacrificed their lives during the course of these missions: Now, therefore, be it Resolved by the House of Representatives (the Senate concurring), That Congress–

(1) honors the heroic service and sacrifice of the 6,500 glider pilots of the United States Army Air Forces during World War II; and

(2) Urges the people of the Nation to remember and teach future generations about the contributions and sacrifices that glider pilots, and all veterans, have made to and for the Nation.


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