To my country
I will serve,
On the road to glory
I will Not swerve,

In the world of war
I will be humble,
As you hear me speak,
I will Not mumble,

The states of my country
come Hand in hand,
It is The Patriot
that will stand,

I will follow God,
the great I AM,
It is The Patriot
of which I am.

Grant Trujillo
Copyright © 2003

The Patriot

I would like to thank 12 year old Grant Trujillo for submitting the
poem. So often, because we hear so many negative news reports
and such, we allow ourselves to become discouraged.
But when we read a poem such as this one, we begin to realize that
all is not lost. Patriotism and it’s values is still very much alive and well in America.

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