“Murphy’s merit”

SEAL team leader’s sacrifice may earn Medal of Honor

Posted : February 26, 2007
Atop a rugged mountain outcrop, 9,000 feet up in Afghanistan’s Hindu Kush region, a four-man Navy SEAL team hunting a suspected terrorist leader found itself surrounded.

An overwhelming force of Taliban militia fighters swarmed the SEALs after their position had been compromised by a local villager.

During a harrowing, 45-minute firefight, the sailors battled for their lives and against the odds. Pinned down and unable to escape, they quickly ran low on ammo. But the four men were never short on bravery and heroism.

Slinging everything they had — for as long as they could — at their attackers, the SEALs fought to save themselves. More importantly, colleagues, friends and family members of the men say, they fought for one another.


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