“Life is getting better over here day by day”


I wanted to thank you for the care package you sent me and my co-workers. Life is getting better over here day by day. I volunteered to be the absolute last person out so all my junior guys could get home before me. My wife wasn’t too happy to hear that. Boy, did I get an ear full. I was the first to come out and am now the last to leave.

The weather sure is miserable over here. About 2 nights ago it was raining down hail big enought to do some damage. I was sleeping when that storm hit. When I got up to go to work there were puddles everywhere. I joked around saying that Minnesota had been picked up and laid out across Iraq with all the “mini-lakes” everywhere. One of the guys returned from R & R and didn’t know about the “lake”. He drove his truck thorough it and got stuck halfway through it. He said he did it at night but he works the day shift. We laughed when we saw him trying to wade through the mud and water. If I would’ve had my camera, I’d have sent it to America’s Funniest Home Videos!

Thanks again for your support!

HM1 Ryan R.

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