“please thank Molly and Bethany for their beautiful cards”

I just got the Valentine Email and the two boxes of goodies you so graciously sent to me. Thank you very much. I shared the boxes with my Marines. They wanted me to, “Thank you” on their behalf.

Can you please thank Molly and Bethany for their beautiful cards they made for us.

Our computers were down a little while so I had to write you a letter to thank you for the last box that you sent me. Hopefully you’ll get it in the mail soon.

Everything is going well over here. We’ve been a little busy with providing medical attention to some of the Marines we’re supporting but nothing bad. My Marines told me, before we deployed, that I should get used to being bored while we’re deployed. I looked at them weird for a second then caught on to what they meant. For the most part, I have been bored which makes me happy.

Have you had the chance to watch the “Flags of Our Fathers” movie or read the book? I read the book a few years back and got to watch the movie not too long ago. As usual the movie didn’t really do the book justice, but it was pretty well made and stayed true to the book. I liked being able to put faces to names even though they’re actors’ faces. When I read the book it gave me a sense of what it meant to be a Hospital Corpsman assigned to a Marine unit and probably influenced me to go serve with the “Green” side. I can honestly say that I have a stronger sense of pride in my job serving with the Marines than I have up until that point.

Thank you very much for all of your love and support.

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