Welcoming Home Military at the Airports

Heartfelt BZ to Bert Brady and all in Texas who have been welcoming home returning soldiers/sailors/Marines/Airmen/Coasties. A friend just shared this with me-and I share this with you..to consider in your own neighborhood.
ABC News: Person of the Week: Bert Brady


3 Responses to “Welcoming Home Military at the Airports”

  1. Kevin Says:

    How do I reach Mr. Brady and get notified of these arrivals?

  2. olotliny Says:

    Mr. Brady is a Veteran from Texas in the Dallas Fort Worth area. I would suggest contacting the VFW and or American Legion of that area for contact suggestions. -as to the notification of arrivals–I would not imagine them to be public knowledge. Again, I would look to the Veteran’s for guidance/information on that.

  3. Jaime Huff Says:

    I just watched the Internet clip of the wonderful work Mr. Brady and all the good folks from Operation Love Our Troops do for our service men and women returning from the war. It is so great to see Americans supporting those who support us. Thanks to Mr. Brady, OLOT, and especially the troops and their families for continuing to make this country the best place to live on Earth!

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