“Please pass along our appreciation”

My name is Lanta W. you gals were thoughtful enough to send a box of goodies my way. (It arrived one day shy of my birthday, so something good came of turning 40ish)

I must say that the folks here very much appreciate the time, effort and energy that you have donated to giving us a little slice of home. Please know how heartfelt and sincere our thank you is, as small things from home mean big things so far away. Please pass along our appreciation to all those that work so unselfishly, it is so special….

My sincere wishes for a speedy return of your sons and daughter from this part of the planet. The experience they gain, the stories they will tell and the people that they meet will be a special and fond memories for all of them for the rest of their lives. (I can tell you the names of strangers that communicated with me in 1991’s Desert Storm) I trust that your loved ones will all return home safely and soundly soon.

Also know, that despite what the media publishes, we need to be here and take care of these terrorist networks so that our sons, daughters and grandchildren never have to fear their presence.

Anyway, thank you all so much for all you do and know that your efforts are appreciated!

Warmest Regards!


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