“have made me proud to be here and serve the people”

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Dear Angels,

Just want to send an email of appreciation for the work that you all do. The troops here really appreciate the time that you guys give to make our deployment more bearable. My name is HM3 Liberty L. and I am a Petty Officer is the United States Navy. I arrived on Camp Fallujah about 4 days ago and was struggling to keep my morale above water (so to speak). One of my fellow sisters in the Navy received a care package from Operation Love Our Troops and passed it on to me due to the fact that she is on her way back to the states. When I opened the box and read the letter it brought tears to my eyes. I guess it’s just the fact that people I don’t even know are sending prayers, encouragement, and just basic necessities for life. And because someone shared the box with me, I shared with the other sailors in the clinic I work with. Sometimes troops all over the world feel that America has gotten so complacent in being safe, that the have forgotten about the men and women who are going above and beyond the call to duty. I can honestly say that Operation Love Our Troops have made me proud to be here and serve the people of this great country. It makes leaving friends, family, and loved one almost worth it!! I thank God for you and I will be praying for Him to bless you with everything you need to continue your goals and mission. God Bless You Angels.

HM3 Liberty L.

Petty Officer USN

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