“4 Angels”

Ladies, let me say this will be a very heartfelt letter to you all so please look past the spelling and grammar lol. My name is SFC U., Dwayne C. 5th Squadron (Airborne), 73rd Cavalry (RECON), Fort Bragg, NC. and I am currently serving my fourth tour in Iraq and before you ask yes I’m tired. Seriously though ladies you are such an example of selfless service and devotion to sending love and caring to those of us here in Iraq and in Afghanistan. I have received a package from you and in addition to this letter I also wrote the family that sponsored me. I had to answer, because both your letter and the one from the family said the same thing. How we are heroes or how much we mean to you all. Thank you so very much for those kind words, but clearly you four ladies are the real heroes. You ladies have done something that a lot of us here feel we will never be able to repay. By that I mean you opened your hearts to us and are taking care of us in so many ways. I’ve seen young soldiers who didn’t really have a family this last Christmas and who wasn’t expecting anything being handed one of your packages. To open it and have something as simple as wet wipes really made their day. You see here where we are because we are so remote we do not have an exchange. Everyday items here i.e. toothpaste, wet wipes, tooth brush, etc mean an awful lot to us. A small bag of Cheetos is like gold here. DVD’s are all but worn out from being passed around and our big screen in the MWR is always crowded with soldiers. You four ladies really are angels and you have done such a wonderful thing. I hope this letter is seen by more of your volunteers and that they understand as you four that what you are doing means the world to us. I’m sorry if I’m saying the same thing over and over again It’s because I’m having a hard time trying to find strong enough words to say Thank You. I wish all of you well and please pass along to all how much we Paratroopers thank you. God Bless you all…

SFC U., Dwayne C. HHT 5-73 Cavalry

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