“A Cold Christmas Day”

for thoughts unforgotten
on this cold chilly night
my thoughts overseas
my brothers who fight,

so sad and unsure of how this might feel
soon i’ll be over there carrying my steel
their boots filled with sand
their head in a spin
why fight a war where no one wins?

they cry in their sleep on this cold winter night
missing their families to put up a fight
a soldier’s in pain because of this war
it only makes us stronger, more and more

a friend is away in a distant land
fighting for freedom in nothing but sand
knowing we might die is always a thought
but the people we love cannot be bought

so i say to my brothers away and far
please come back safely and end this war
we’ll drink for our battles but never for fame
this life as we know it is only a game

i sit here with tear not to be moved
war is a game you dont want to play
my prayers be with you on this cold christmas day

Justin B

4-73rd CAV, 82nd Airborne US Army

One Response to ““A Cold Christmas Day””

  1. michelle Says:

    Dear Justin,
    We will keep you in our prayers and thoughts.If you need anything while you are deployed please just ask.Keep safe and God bless you. Michelle.

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