“The most appreciated thing in the box was a choice that you all made.”

Hello All!

On behalf of men & women of PRG-6, I’d like to express our appreciation for the boxes of goodies that you sent our way.

Our service & support people do an outstanding job of keeping us fed, but nothing beats good snacks & junk food from home. Being 9,000 miles away from home it is amazing how much small things like Oreo’s, Almond Joys and the like are appreciated. Thank you all so much.

I’d like to add my personal thanks to the individual that slipped the bottles of hot sauce into the mix. I enjoy them daily & offer your generous gift to my colleagues at each meal. I can’t understand why so many decline—- Again, thank you so much. I am a very happy man. (Til my bottles run low:)

The chess set might have opened a new war front. We had a young man boasting about his chess playing abilities for some time. He has made himself very scarce & has yet to accept a challenge. Thanks for your assistance in shutting the young pup up:)

The most appreciated thing in the box was a choice that you all made.

Instead of running another errand, taking a trip to a mall, or whatever one chooses to do, Your group chose to take the time to think of us.

You choose to spend your valuable time advertising, soliciting, collecting, wrapping & shopping. You could have chosen to do many other things, but you chose to spend your time on our behalf.

Thank you for making the choice to support us. We appreciate your generous donation of your time, effort, & energy. You love the troops & the troops love you! It is awesome to be an American!!

Again, thanks for all you’ve done. We appreciate your generous gestures, kind thoughts & heartfelt prayers. (And definitely the hot sauce!:)

Sincerely Yours,

Lanta W. & the PRG6-1 Group:)

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