Your dedication to all deployed troops is amazingly generous

I found your letter in the Christmas tree you sent at the Red Cross in Balad, Iraq. I have no doubt that the items you sent went to good use by the soldiers who are stationed here at Anaconda. Your dedication to all deployed troops is amazingly generous, considering you have children yourself in Iraq and Afghanistan! I will keep your children in my thoughts and prayers.

My name is Cheryl R.  I am Commander of a Dental Company in theater. We provide  emergency and sustaining dental care to the Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors, and Marines at six different locations in Iraq. The company has more female Soldiers than an average unit in Iraq since we are a Medical Combat Service Support Company. Over 50% of my Soldiers are female. If you would like to send another box, scrap booking supplies would be greatly appreciated.  Everyone is taking lots of photo’s, and would like to document our experience in theater.  Also a few more of the battery powered small Christmas light sets would help with our Christmas decorating efforts.

Again, I cannot express my profound respect for your organization.


Cheryl R.


One Response to “Your dedication to all deployed troops is amazingly generous”

  1. olotliny Says:

    Commander Cheryl’s letter/card in Photos

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