“It helps you see our perspective”

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I’m Ryan R. and I’m currently serving in the U.S. Navy but I’m stationed with the U.S. Marines. I’m a Navy Hospital Corpsman. We’re the medical support for Marines and we go and do everywhere they do. I’m serving with 11 other Corpsman that assigned to the various units out here in Iraq. I got this Christmas story from one of my Marines and thought that it just seemed to fit the sentiment of the letter that you wrote in the care boxes. I hope that it helps you see our perspective on how we feel towards our American brothers and sisters that watch over our families and support us so much.

Thank you.



VMA 211 Wake Island AVENGERS

“Never Forget Their Sacrifice”

Please share this with story with as many people as you can and tell them that their support means more to us than you’ll ever know.

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