National Geographic/”Iraq War Medicine”

The December 2006 National Geographic Magazine and web site features: “Iraq War Medicine”. This article/web site details/describes the treatment and care that our military men and women receive when wounded.

It is very informative and well done. It provides the reader with a real sense of the reality/scope and magnitude. It discusses the speed and intensity of care (from ground support, air transport, Medics, Coremen, Nurses, Doctors, Chaplains, later on therapists and support staffs.) to the rehabilitation and life long adjustments. It informs the reader of the visible injuries (amputations..) and also the invisible but very real, damaging and life long (traumatic brain injuries-from the I.E.D.-Improvised Explosive Device – concussions..)

It mentions how some communities embrace and surround/envelop/support in every real human need/way, while others do not have the support/connections to help and now have to deal with/adjust/cope and figure out how to go on.

They have a 5 part mini video: “Saving Lives on the Front Lines”. Read the article, watch the video, consider if that was your son/daughter/dad/mom/uncle/aunt or neighbor. Pray for them and support them now and especially when they come home.

You can type: National Geographic into your search engine- December 2006 issue (has Saturn on the cover) and then click on “Iraq War Medicine”.

or just click on this link:

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