Operation First Response

Operation First Response brings wounded soliders and families together. They bridge any gaps, that might arrise during a critical or difficult situation. www.operationfirstresponse.org

from their home page:

So many of us born to this country do not even know that there

are certain things expected of us as American citizens, that we

have a responsibility to defend this country’s constitution and

it’s people. We give the responsibility to our military to take up

arms and defend our homeland and when they have given all

they can, isn’t it then that our oath kicks in and embraces them?

Isn’t it our job to give them hope and security, the same security

that they enlisted to be in harms way for us? Our sacrifices in

giving them hope and a chance for a promising future is so small

in comparison to their sacrifices.

It should be so easy for us to care for our heroes. If each of us

gave a small gesture of kindness to them imagine the difference

we could make.

When our wounded say to us “What will I do now?”

Please join me in saying “Take my hand and we will get through

this together and give hope to all that need it.”


The Operation First Response Team



Operation First Response works with The Office

of the Secretary of Defense Military Severely

Injured Center and other programs to identify

the needs of our service members who are

wounded or gravely ill.

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