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  1. olotliny Says:

    Thank You Jimmy!!!!!!!

    We are so happy and releived that you have arrived home at long last healthy and safe!
    Welcome back! We hope you enjoy your “Homecoming”.

    You don’t know us but “we” know you…You are one of America’s FINEST. You are Brave, Dedicated, and Skilled. You aren’t selfish, you are all giving.

    You are the Medic that saved lives, you give physical and mental comfort to the Wounded Warriors…And you do it under the worst and most dangerous conditions, on a battlefield !!!!! We know, WAR IS HELL!!!!

    Hundreds of parents, spouses, children, family
    and friends of the Troops you ministered to and
    comforted, will never have the honor of meeting you in person to say THANK YOU! But know this Jimmy…They….. like the rest of us are forever in your debt! For us, for them…WE say THANK YOU!

    Hopefully, one day we may meet you in person to convey our gratitude. We are blessed in knowing your parents and admire their strength and Patriotism during this difficult time. Not having a child in the service we dare not say to them, “we know how you feel,” that would be rude…We can only IMAGINE how they feel… One thing we can tell you is, THEY ARE VERY PROUD OF YOU!
    And justifiably so!!! Just like the other parents here at OLOT, Missy and Michele, are of their children in service during these frightening times.
    Tim and Dan, their sons…..are doing a great job also!!!! And we pray for their safe and speedy return home to the USA! God Bless and protect you all…

    With love, gratitude, and many prayers,
    Leo Belanger (Vietnam Vet) & (OLOT)
    and Kathy Belanger (OLOT)

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