We are the parents

Who are so proud of our sons and daughters.

That we send them cookies, candies and snacks

To them to show we are thinking about them.

Oh yeah! Don’t forget the toothpaste and toothbrushes

Because we are parents first.

We are the spouses

Who married our best friend and the love of our life.

Who lay down at night and hold their pillow to us tight.

That sends out letters every day telling them wait till you

Get home. What I have in store for you.

We are the peaceful ones

That send every ounce of love and support to our

American Heroes.

But don’t step on any of our right’s or their’s

Because we come together as strong as the Military

And stand up for our right’s and their’s.

Just as the military is standing up for us.

We are the loved ones

Of the United State Military.

Who goes the extra second of the day to

Show support and love.

We are peaceful and strong.

We are the PROUD United States Military Families.



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