Thank You to the People of Eastport:)

We would like to thank all the people who donated supplies for the care-packages. Thank you for your generosity and kindness.  Thank You to all those who shared that they have a loved one serving, we know that is not an easy thing to do.  We would especially like to acknowledge all those who contributed today who have served in the military.


One Response to “Thank You to the People of Eastport:)”

  1. olotliny Says:

    To One of Our Heros from Eastport….

    You are an Army Veteran who has returned home
    after serving us in Iraq…You were at King Kullen with your wife on Sat. Oct. 21,2006. You made a wonderful donation to OLOT…

    It was an honor to meet and talk with you…You said you had phone cards for the Troops still on active duty in Iraq…

    You drove all the way back to your home got the cards and gave them to us for the troops’ care packages that we ship out every month…We all were so overwhelmed with your generosity, so grateful to you for serving the USA, so happy you were home safe…That we didn’t get your name and address so we could send you a proper thank you!!!!!PLEASE email us at:

    On behalf of all the families and loved ones of our Troops, THANK YOU!!!! We hope your generosity will be rewarded many times over!

    Kathy, from OLOT

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