this package makes us proud to serve…

Hello my name is Chief petty Officer JRG. I am writing to thank you for your wonderful care package you sent. It was received by our unit Naval Mobile Construction Battalion Five. Our Postal Office received it and it was passed on to our company to pass out to our troops. It was a very welcomed and thoughtful gift for all.

To tell you a little about our unit, we are Navy Seabees and we do military construction for all different units. We are based out of Port Hueneme, Ca. We are currently assigned to Camp Arifjian, Kuwait. We are currently constructing all kinds of different things for the Army. It is very busy work and we all enjoy it. Seabees have a proud and rich heritage in construction starting back in WWII. We have been involved in every major conflict since then. When not involved in war time we deploy all around the world and construct anything from water wells in Africa to large building to house a new exchange at all different ports around the world. It is very exciting to know that we are here helping preserve your freedom as well as help those that need it.

Our unit at the present moment is composed of Active duty and Reserve Seabees. Out reserve counter part is based out of Lake Hurst, NJ with members form NY, NJ, and PA.

I am one of the active duty members. I originally hail form Westbury, NY. I grew up all over Long Island. I joined the Navy back in 1990 and have loved it since.

The time that you put in this package makes us proud to serve. We want to again thank you for your thoughts of all of us over here.




NMCB -5 Charlie Co.


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