“Final Words”

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, friends and relatives, it is my
pleasure to announce this is my last weekend in Iraq. We are scheduled
to depart country on or about the — of month and I’ll be home
shortly there after. I apologize for not writing sooner, but bottom
line, when you are reliving Ground Hog Day, over and over again, it’s
hard to find something new to write about.

First of all let me make one thing perfectly clear to all, “I did not
come to Iraq for the experience.” I was volunteered to this War Zone
because of my Military Occupational Specialty as -job, I am a
Highly Trained Individual (tactically and technically) and because it
was the right thing to do. I was able to utilize my skills, my common
war fighting techniques, my years of self training and mentoring fellow
Soldiers to survive this challenge with pride; I come back with all my

I will leave this country soon knowing that I have made a huge
difference in the lives of many due to my small sacrifice. I will leave
this country with a clear conscience for the fact that I did what was
right and lived the Army Values; I fall asleep this way each night and
God willing I awake the same. The choices and decisions were not always
the most popular; they may not have benefited everyone in the way they
wanted, however, being a leader is not always the most famed position.

Was it worth it you ask?

I cannot really say if Iraq, (as a whole), is better or worse, but this
country is a lot better off without Sudam Husane. It is true, there are
still a lot of problems over here and there will continue to be problems
into the future. But considering the United States is over 200 years
old and we are still having problems, we’ve done pretty well in the 4
years we’ve been here. Considering it took 13 years to draft, rewrite
and finally sign the Constitution of the United States, I’d say this
country is on the right track.

Will having our soldiers here stop terrorist activities world wide?

Did we need to be here in the first place? Right now?

Let’s just say this… if we don’t fight for our way of life now, then
we’ll have to sit back and watch our children fight the fight when we
are old and can’t do anything about it. And most definitely, our
children will be fighting that war in some other “Third World” country
and on American soil too.

I will leave this country a better Soldier, Husband and Dad.

I will say this, for those of you that kept me company for the past
(???) months / year I wish to THANK YOU. I still have a few years left
that I will serve active duty and should I get deployed again, I welcome
your company. I trust you will remain just as faithful to all Service
Members as we are to our Country.

1SG – Steven – HOOAH !!

1SG, 525th TC MCT, LSAA

“Nothing Happens Until Something Moves”


One Response to ““Final Words””

  1. michelle Says:

    Welcome Home.Thank you for your courage and service to our Country.

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