We received your packages of snacks and toiletries today from Operation: Love Our Troops and we are very thankful that such appreciative and kind people such as yourselves exist in our world. Our Marines here at HMLA-169 will be very thankful to put these gifts to good use. As you have written in your letter, words often fail us also. The clearest way that I can express our gratitude is to say that the reason we have chosen to be in the military is to protect those in our country who are as thoughtful and generous as yourselves. When you say thank you by sending us packages, we can only respond by saying thank you in return for being the people worthy of being defended. Your gratitude is overwhelming, and ours is in return.

On a side note, I grew up in Mastic Beach and graduated from William Floyd HS in 1993. After college upstate, I have lived in many other parts of the country. My mom and step-father still reside on Cypress Drive, not far from the High School. I have been to the post office from which these packages were mailed many times. I personally, am touched to see a reminder of my childhood, in any form. I enjoyed my time growing up in Mastic Beach and enjoy visiting family and friends as often as possible.

You wrote in your letter that your sons and daughters are here in Iraq also. If I may ask a favor, please let them know that their service is appreciated even by their fellow service-members. Sometimes, such a small gesture as that can remind us that we are working with the best and the brightest from our country. Once again, thank you very much for being who you are.

With Much Appreciation,
1stLt R.A., USMC

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